A concerned citizen and some quick police work may have made all the difference in keeping people safe over the weekend in Marshalltown. 26-year-old Hannah Corson was arrested by Marshalltown police Sunday. She's charged with driving intoxicated with her children in her vehicle after an unnamed person called the police.

According to the Times-Republican, a Marshalltown resident made the call to authorities because they were afraid Corson might be intoxicated and had children with her in the vehicle she was driving. After investigating, Marshalltown police charged Corson with first offense Operating While Intoxicated (OWI). She is also facing two counts of Child Endangerment-Substantial Risk. Thankfully, the kids were not injured.


The Times-Republican reports Corson was put on a supervised released. She must meet with an adult probation officer to sign a pre-trial release agreement and has been ordered to undergo a substance abuse evaluation within 60 days. There is also a No Contact order in place, meaning Corson cannot contact her children. Her preliminary court appearance is scheduled for May 18.

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