If you ever have wondered what would happen if one of the huge wind turbines spread across the state of Iowa ever caught fire, you got your answer this week. The answer is 'nothing.'

KCCI reports that the wind turbine caught fire on Tuesday morning. The blaze consumed the tank that held the generator and one of the giant blades. The fire burnt so hot that one of the giant blades fell to the ground and the entire structure was destroyed. Part of the farm field in which the turbine stood in caught fire too.

The plumes of smoke from the turbine and the field fire blew across portions of Interstate 80 and could be seen for miles. KCCI reports that fire crews watched helplessly as the turbine burnt, as they didn't have any equipment that could reach the 22-story tall structure. Officials also stated that they were lucky the field had been recently plowed, as that helped the fire not spread.

So just how often do wind turbines catch fire? FireTrace.com reports that a 2020 study found that around 1 in 2000 turbines catch fire each year. 90% of the time, the fire happens in the tank that houses the generator and leads to significant damage or a total loss. When a fire does occur, fire crews will typically just wait it out.

Mid-American Energy, which owns the wind turbine, says that they don't currently have a cause for the fire and that an official investigation continues.

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