The state of Iowa is finally getting its very own LEGO Store! According to a new article from the Des Moines Register, the first Iowa location will arrive sometime next year.

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There are currently 36 states with LEGO Stores across America, but Iowa isn't one of them. That will change in the second half of 2024, as Jordan Creek Town Center prepares to welcome one to West Des Moines! A Jordan Creek Town Center spokesperson told the Des Moines Register:

"We’re thrilled to be the location of the first LEGO store in Iowa and it will be a great addition to the center."

The article reports that the new Jordan Creek LEGO Store will be located on the lower level of the mall, right next to Lululemon. The space was formerly home to Amazon 4-star.

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Something cool about LEGO Stores is that they don't just sell LEGO sets. According to the LEGO website, their stores also offer areas for kids to play. The site says:

"Whether you follow the instructions or build by your own rules, every builder will love the hands-on play opportunities at the LEGO Store. With new creative building scenarios each month, there are a million ways to play!"

LEGO Stores also have 'Build a Mini' Towers, where customers can build their own minifigures, as well as 'Pick & Build' Walls, where they can fill a cup with whatever colors and shapes of blocks that they want to purchase. And, there's something called the 'Digital Box,' which can scan a LEGO set and show you a 3-D model of it. There's no word yet on what the West Des Moines LEGO Store will look like, but we can't wait to see it!

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