We've all seen some crazy things on the interstate or highway but I've never seen anything quite like this. Thankfully, enforcement got this vehicle off the road.

Earlier this week, an Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement driver came across a Commercial Motor Vehicle that was traveling just 30 miles-per-hour in a 65 mph zone. It didn't take long to discover what the problem was after the vehicle pulled off on the side of the road. Just look at those rear duals.

Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement
Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement

Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement says "it appears the brake locked up on that axle, dragging the tires until worn like pictured." Clearly the driver knew there was a major problem, since they had slowed to 30 miles-per-hour. Most concerning of all is that "the driver had multiple opportunities to stop for repairs and chose not to." Action was taken against the driver of the vehicle.

So just how many miles did the operator drive with the tires burning down on the pavement as they skidded along? That's anybody's guess, but it clearly wasn't a real short distance.

Thankfully, the vehicle was escorted to a repair shop before it was allowed back on the road. Nice work to the Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement on this. If the driver would've kept going it, eventually, would likely not have had a safe outcome.

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