Iowa football fans have been waiting all offseason to hear that embattled offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz had been let go. That someone else would get the new shiny weapons on offense that the Hawkeyes had acquired through the transfer portal. But last week Iowa announced that the son of head coach Kirk Ferentz was staying. And yesterday we got to see under what circumstances.

The University announced yesterday that a number of changes had been made to Brian Ferentz's contract at Iowa. There was a pay cut and numerous incentives tied to offensive performance for the upcoming season. KWWL reports that these are the main changes made to the contract.

  • 2023 base salary of $850,000, down $50,000
  • 2023 performance objectives: average 25 points per game, win 7 games
  • If objectives are met Ferentz would get a $112,000 bonus.
  • If objectives are NOT met, the contract would be terminated.

So Iowa needs to average 25 points per game and win at least 7 games this season for Brian Ferentz to keep his job. As KWWL points out, the Hawkeyes averaged just 17 points per game last year, and that was with their stellar defense scoring at a record pace. The Hawkeyes won 8 games, including their bowl game in 2022-2023.

As you might imagine the response from Hawkeye fans has been mixed at best. Many think that if Iowa's offensive coordinator had a last name OTHER than Ferentz, he'd have been fired following the final game of the season. No matter how you feel, it will be put up or shut up time for this Iowa offense. While you may not be a fan of Brian Ferentz, ultimately his success means a great year for Iowa football. And that is something every fan should be able to get behind.

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