What is going on this world?

You've likely heard the story of Mary Beth Haglin, the 24 year old former substitute teacher who was fired from her job at Washington High School, after admitting she had an illicit affair with a student. Now she is appearing on national TV, to tell "her side of the story".

And she's found a new job. As an exotic dancer at Woody's, a local adult entertainment establishment.

Not only has Mary Beth recently been interviewed on the TV show Crime Watch Daily, but according the show's website, it has also been reported that she and the student were recorded having a discussion at Woody's just a few days ago.

No matter how you size it up, it proves this kind of stuff can happen anywhere. Placing blame isn't the point of this article. It is to address the issue of inappropriate behavior and the consequences that bad decisions can lead to.

With Mary Beth facing criminal charges, and a young man caught in the middle of this circus, it's difficult to imagine the pressure they must be dealing with on a daily basis.

But one thing seems clear to me. This latest trend of teachers and students mixing it up is nothing new or different. The difference today is that in this era of cell cameras and social media everything is shared in the blink of an eye, and there is no escape from the scrutiny.

[source: CrimeWatch.com]

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