Iowa State University says that it will not amend it's Student Code of Conduct or discipline it's College Republicans after a tweet that was deemed threatening by many on the Ames campus.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that on November 7th, the same day that Joe Biden was declared the U.S. President elect, the Iowa State College Republicans tweeted the following.

Everyone, you must arm up, expect these people to attempt to destroy your life, the elites want revenge on us.

Many people on campus viewed the tweet as a direct threat of violence, especially towards marginalized students, staff, and faculty. The Gazette reports that the College Republicans history of tweets often times included derogatory terms for liberals, pro-deportation rhetoric, and other election related comments.

In light of the tweets, concerned members of the ISU community listed several demands. They wanted the college to stop recognizing the College Republicans as an official student organization. The group had already been defederated by the Iowa Federation of College Republicans. They also wanted the school to change it's Student Code of Conduct. The Gazette reports that the school has refused both recommendations.

Administrator say that the school can not punish students for using their First Amendment rights except in extreme circumstances. The Gazette reports that the College Republican's tweets are protected speech, and standing alone, do not violate any university policy.

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