Watching someone choke on their food is a scary situation. Panic and fear can set it quick. I remember watching my son Chase choke on a piece of food when he was younger. He was in junior high and we were out for a nice dinner at a local steakhouse. Chase had never tried lobster before and wanted a tail with his meal. We obliged. But when the tail came, he crammed the whole thing in his mouth at once. When he tried to swallow it, he began to choke. Fortunately, a good whack on his back was enough to clear his throat.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst had a similar scary situation happen to her this week. Yesterday, during a Senate lunch, Ernst began to choke on some food. Fortunately for her, Senator Rand Paul was on hand to save the day.

Republicans Senators Leave Their Weekly Party Luncheon On Capitol Hill
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The Des Moines Register reports that Paul, a medical doctor, was able to use the Heimlich maneuver on Ernst to save her life. A spokesperson for Ernst told the Register that the Senator was "doing well." As for what she was choking on? Ernst had her own explanation.

No matter the cause, we're glad Senator Ernst is O.K. And we're happy that Senator Paul was around to spring into action. It is also a lesson for anyone who isn't familiar with the Heimlich maneuver to learn it. You never know when you'll be called into action!

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