U.S. News and World Report has ranked all 50 states in everything from health care to education, economy, and infrastructure, and Iowa scores very high.

In the very first rankings of "Best States" from the popular and well-respected magazine, Iowa is ranked sixth overall. According to US News, 68 different parameters were used, covering seven different categories with varying weighting percentages for each. The total percentage equates to 99%, due to rounding:

  • Health Care: 18%
  • Education: 16%
  • Infrastructure: 14%
  • Crime & Corrections: 14%
  • Opportunity: 14%
  • Economy: 13%
  • Government: 10%

Iowa's top categorical finishes were fifth in health care, ninth in health care quality, eighth in education, sixth in opportunity, and tenth for government. U.S. News said that in Iowa,

"... food processing is The Hawkeye State's largest manufacturing industry. Iowa has one of the nation's largest cereal mills--and the largest popcorn-processing plant. Machinery production--farm machinery and construction equipment and also home appliances--ranks second."

Here's the Top 10 states overall in the rankings:

  • #10 Vermont
  • #9   Colorado
  • #8   Maryland
  • #7   Utah
  • #6   Iowa
  • #5   Washington
  • #4   North Dakota
  • #3   Minnesota
  • #2   New Hampshire
  • #1   Massachusetts

It's been a good start to 2017 for our state, recently named the best state to retire in. A full description of how U.S. News and World Reports ranked the states is available here:

[via US News]

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