Perhaps it's because we're expecting highs near 60 later this week? Ok, that's not it. There really are some good reasons.

Money Rates has named Iowa the number one state to retire in due to our state's ranking in five different categories. Here they are:

  • Health and longevity
  • Personal safety
  • Climate
  • Economic factors
  • Proportion of older residents

Here's what they said about the Hawkeye State:

If your idea of a good retirement is a worry-free lifestyle, then Iowa may be a good fit for you. Iowa came out No. 1 overall despite not cracking the top 10 in any of the five major categories. The reason? It had above-average scores in each of the five categories. So, rather than being pulled up by a major area of strength, Iowa avoided being pulled down by any particular problem area. For people who want their retirement to be smooth and headache-free, that absence of major problems might sound ideal."

Here's the remainder of the top 10 and I'd bet you would only guess three of them, at most (Florida, Arizona, and Hawaii).

9. (tie) Connecticut
9. (tie) Arizona
8. South Dakota
7. Idaho
6. Florida
5. Vermont
4. New Hampshire
3. Maine
2. Hawaii
1. Iowa

The worst five states to retire in are:

5. Illinois
4. Nevada
3. Georgia
2. Louisiana
1. Alaska

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