The Iowa football program under Kirk Ferentz has its share of critics. Many reside here in the state. All Hawkeye fans have been frustrated at times with the direction of the football program. Up and down results this year had fans shaking there heads wondering what was next. Then the Ohio State game happened. One of Iowa's biggest critics nationally has been Colin Cowherd.

I like Colin. I've followed him since his days at ESPN and now FOX. Do I agree with every take he has? No. And his take on the Iowa football program has been hostile. He's made light of our schedule and our coach and coined the phrase that Iowa was the 'fake ID' of college football. Wanting to be like the big programs, but not for real. Well, all that changed last Saturday when HIS pick to win the national championship went down in flames in Iowa City.

I'll give Colin credit. He admitted he was wrong. He said that Iowa has turned 21 and is no longer a college football fake. But winning one big game doesn't change an entire culture or season for that matter. A win at undefeated Wisconsin on Saturday however, would. And it just might prove that the NEW fake ID resides in Madison and not Iowa City.

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