An Iowa man saved two people from a fiery crash on his way to work.

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According to KCCI, Runk Wood was driving on I-80 on his way to work from Avoca, Iowa to Lincoln when he saw a car on fire near McPherson Avenue in Council Bluffs. Council Bluffs Police said that "the car was stopped in the middle of the interstate when a truck hit it." The collision caused the car to hit a barricade and catch fire.

Wood told KCCI that he saw a lot of people driving by and not a lot of brake lights.

I didn't see a whole lot of brake lights, which kind of touches my heart, where we live in a society where you see a car burning in the median, you don't stop," Wood told KCCI.

Wood wasn't going to stand by and not doing anything to help, so he stopped. When he came up to the burning vehicle, Wood said that he could hear a girl screaming. He also said that no one was getting near the car, and that he wasn't going to "listen to somebody burn up" so he went in.

In true hero fashion, Wood pulled the female driver to safety first, then rescued the other passenger of the vehicle. Wood told KCCI that his hands are a little red, and the right side of his face is tender from the fire.

Despite his heroic act, Wood doesn't want to be called a hero. He says he's just a simple man, headed to work that decided to stop and help somebody. We need more people out there like Runk Wood.

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