One of the strangest scenes ever played out Sunday in West Des Moines. A man sees a gosling that appears to be caught in a net in a pond. He then feels the call to help one of nature's creatures. A rescue and hilarious video result.

Cary Coppola of West Des Moines drove past the unnamed pond when he spotted the gosling and decided to do good. According to WHO, he drove to his brother's place, put on his swimming trunks, and grabbed a raft... a unicorn raft.

Now Cary thinks that goose is caught in a net. However, just wait 'til you see his reaction when he realizes it's a snapping turtle. Wouldn't you react the same way? You can hear him say, "What am I supposed to do about that?!" Cary got his wits about him and pulled the goose, still in the jaws of the turtle, all the way back to the bank. Once there, his brother Joe separated the turtle and the gosling. It was then time for a family reunion.

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