A man in Davenport by the name of Zach Cobert lost a pretty big bet last week that he will be reminded of for the rest of his life. Zach, a Bernie Sanders supporter, made a bet with a friend, where he promised to get a Donald Trump tattoo if he became president. He didn't back down.

He made good on his promise this past Tuesday, getting our new President inked on his lower back forever. He told WQAD-TV:
"I'm thinking about my life, how it went wrong, now I'm getting a Trump stamp. The stupidest thing I've done for views."

His girlfriend Jenni Gang isn't too thrilled about the tattoo, either. She said, "I'm not happy with it, no. I have to look at it forever." She did film the whole thing for Facebook, though.

Zach's story went viral, catching the eye of a ton of different news sites and talk shows, including The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Here's a screenshot of the tattoo, posted to Zach's Facebook page:

The worst part is, even after hours of work, the tattoo STILL isn't done. He has to return to have it finished. Now that's what I call commitment to a bet!
[Via WQAD/Huffington Post]

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