With the Super Bowl still one week away, you're likely to hear all kinds of stories involving the high-profile players from San Francisco and Kansas City. There will be plenty of stories wondering if Brock Purdy is the real deal. Will Taylor Swift be able to make it to the game? Another player who rightfully gets a lot of attention is former Iowa and current 49er tight end George Kittle. Who isn't a fan of Kittle's on and off-the-field persona? But I doubt you've heard this, very personal story, about why he has a butt tattoo.

And not just a butt tattoo. A matching butt tattoo with several of his former Iowa Hawkeye teammates! So who spilled the beans on this somewhat embarrassing story from Kittle's college days? That would be his former teammate at Iowa and San Francisco CJ Beathard.

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In 2016, George Kittle and CJ Beathard were both seniors and ended their careers at the University of Iowa. According to Kittle, the two lived at a renowned party house on campus. The address of the house was 830 Miller. Beathard said that Kittle had the idea of getting a tattoo before they graduated. Something to remember their time together at the University of Iowa.


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For $50, Kittle, Beathard, and a punter got 830 Miller tattooed on their butts. But the story doesn't end there. Kittle and Beathard would both get drafted by the 49ers in the NFL Draft. Flash forward to team showers and several veteran players noticed that George and CJ had matching butt tattoos. Try explaining that to your new teammates!

This has to be one of the best embarrassing tattoo stories I've ever heard. But Kittle is the one getting the last laugh. He's taking 830 Miller back to the Super Bowl!

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