We told you earlier this week that a lawyer from Iowa was going to be on the popular game show 'Wheel of Fortune'. Well, he made his debut last night and won big.

Jason Craig is a lawyer and father of three from Waukee, Iowa who made his family proud last night when he took home $43,850 in cash and prizes. According to the Des Moines Regsiter, he won $26,000 in one round, then went to the bonus round where he was unable to solve the puzzle. He may not have solved that puzzle, but he did score a trip to St. Lucia. The Des Moines Register reports that Craig said he'll be taking his wife of 14 years, Elly, on that trip with him. He had better, or I have a feeling he'd be in the doghouse. 

What was his secret to success? Craig told the Register that he watched hours of reruns of the show, and even practiced on the "Wheel of Fortune: Free Play" app to prepare. That seemed to have paid off for him too, as he went home almost $44,000 richer.

Craig says he plans to work on projects around the house with the money and put the rest in savings. Nice job Craig! It appears his solving skills work well in, and out of, the courtroom.

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