There is just something magical about seeing a hot air balloon. Admit it. You stop and watch every time you see one! They pass over our home in Marion from time to time. I love being able to hear voices from the basket, and the roar of the flame if you listen closely. If there is a hot air balloon capital in the state of Iowa, it would be Indianola, the site of the National Hot Air Balloon Classic!

The classic kicked off on July 30th but runs through August 7th. If you are a hot air balloon enthusiast, then you should be headed to Indianola this week! Evening balloon flights are scheduled each night at 6:30 p.m. Tonight, a mass ascension is scheduled. That is when all the balloons launch at the same time from Memorial Balloon Field. Some days, all the balloons will go up, others the field will be split in half. Either way, it is an amazing sight!

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The event also features tons of live entertainment from local bands and of course, plenty of food options for the entire family to choose from! But perhaps my favorite part of the National Hot Air Balloon Classic, is the availability of hot air balloon rides. Rides are taken every morning and evening through the group Galena On the Fly. They are the official balloon ride operators for the event. As you can imagine, spots fill up quick so visit them online or call 815-777-2747 to book your flight now!

The weather this week looks great for balloon flights! For more information on this year's National Hot Air Balloon Classic in Indianola, click HERE! 



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