What else would you name a pet pig, but 'Miss Piggy'. That was the name of the pet pig in the Hingtgen family of Jesup, Iowa. But because of a complaint to the city, the family had to get rid of their pet.

Jenny Hingtgen tells KCRG that people would come down the street to pet her and take pictures with her. She said that Miss Piggy was kind and gentle and was a Christmas gift for their Mom after the loss of the family cat. But at least one person didn't like the pet pig and complained to the city.

The city claims it didn't know the family had a pet pig. They notified the family that the pig was considered livestock and wasn't permitted. The family claimed that Miss Piggy was a pot-bellied pig which meant she wasn't livestock. The city didn't agree. The Hingtgen family had her put down after they couldn't find a home. The family says it just couldn't afford to pay the $750 fine plus the additional daily fines if they kept Miss Piggy.

Jesup mayor Larry Thompson said that city tried working with the family. They were given a30-day warning in August. The family didn't act during that time because they say they were waiting for more legal advice. Thompson also says the city did NOT tell the family to put the pig down, only that they couldn't keep her.


[via KCRG]

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