As products continue to fly off of shelves, it's becoming more difficult for people (especially seniors) to get the supplies they need. One dollar store chain is trying to help out our elderly population by dedicating a shopping hour to them.

We Are Iowa reports that Dollar General stores plan to dedicate the first hour in their operation each day for seniors to shop. A press release from the retailer states that as of Tuesday, March 17 "Dollar General is strongly encouraging that their first hour of operation be dedicated solely for the shopping needs of senior customers, who are one of the groups most vulnerable to the COVID-19 cornoavirus."

Dollar General's hopes is that they will provide these at-risk customers with the ability to purchase their items at the beginning of each day to avoid the busier more crowded shopping times. We confirmed with a Dollar General employee at the 403 Edgewood Rd NW location in Cedar Rapids that all area stores are participating in this. They did say, however, that they wouldn't turn anyone away. Therefore, non-senior customers will still be allowed to shop. The company is strongly encouraging anyone who is not a senior to leave that first hour for the at-risk customers.

Store hours for Dollar Generals in the Cedar Rapids area are from 8 a.m. to 8 or 9 p.m. Stores may close an hour earlier to allow employees to clean and stock the shelves. Check with your closest location on their closing hours.

Iowa Fareway stores have also jumped on board with this.

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