A day in the life of an Iowa dairy farmer may seem pretty basic to some, but millions of people have actually found it extremely interesting (us included).

According to Iowa News Now, Dan Venteicher has a dairy farm near Strawberry Point, Iowa. After sharing some videos of his daily life on the dairy farm, Venteicher was astounded at how many people have viewed his footage.

Over the last year, Dan has been sharing videos of his life on his dairy farm on his Facebook page Iowa Dairy Farmer and his Tik Tok (he's got over a million followers between the two.) Everything from birthing calves (you can see Dan helping out his cow Cookie as she gives birth below).....

..to power washing barn floors.

There are also fun videos like the cows enjoying some new brushes.

His videos will have you scrolling for hours learning about his dairy farm. Some of the videos have over a million views. Despite the fun nature of his videos, Iowa News Now reports that his goal is to "explain and entertain as he battles myth and misinformation about the industry, especially claims of animal abuse and adverse impacts to the climate from farming."

There’s less than 30,000 dairy farmers in the whole country, so there’s a massive story to tell and not a lot of people to tell it," Venteicher told Iowa News Now.

A big reason why Dan is able to spend so much time creating content is that his farm has gone automatic with robots and other helpful tools. Before, the report states that he was working 16-hour days and missing out on family time. Now he gets to spend his time with everything he loves.

How he runs things is a good example for the next generation of farmers. It's certainly interesting to watch. 🐄👀

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