Iowa City will be the host of a cool, interactive art exhibit this summer!

According to a new article from the Downtown Iowa City District, folks walking through the Ped Mall will soon notice 12 interesting new additions. A public art installation called Loop will be arriving in the area on July 9th.

So, what the heck is Loop? From the outside, the art installation looks like a bunch of big, light-up wheels. But, when you sit inside them, there's much more to discover. Loop's website says:

"The work is inspired by the zoetrope, an optical toy invented in the 19th century. Loop is a hybrid of the music box, zoetrope and railway handcar."

Two people can fit inside each of the 12 zoetropes, which feature a bar in the center. Guests are invited to pump the bar to see hand-drawn animations come to life. The website explains that "the animated images, tinted by a strobe effect, are reminiscent of the earliest movies. The speed of the whirring pictures, the frequency at which the light flickers and the tempo of the music are all determined by how fast you move the bar."

Loop has been traveling all over the globe for the last four years, so Iowa City is very excited to welcome them to the Corridor. Betsy Potter, the Director of Creative Services, said in a statement that, "after 2020's impact on visitation and events, we knew that this summer would be a perfect opportunity to bring in a fully immersive experience that normally could only be enjoyed in large cities." They expect it to draw a ton of visitors these next few weeks, especially since it will feature some new visuals and sounds. Here's a video to show you how it works:

Loop will debut in Downtown Iowa City beginning Friday, July 9th, and it will stay put until August 10th. It's welcome to all ages and costs nothing. For more information, you can check out the article from the Downtown Iowa City District HERE.

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