If you have a burned out headlight or tail light and get pulled over for it in Iowa City, you might just get it fixed for FREE.

If you get pulled over in Iowa City for a violation involving your headlights or tail light, officers might give you a voucher allowing you to make the repairs at no cost to you. The program is called B.U.L.B.S. or Building Unity Linking Business for Safety. It is modeled after a similar program in the Twin Cities. Iowa City Police say they hope the vouchers will give the driver one less thing to be stressed out over.

The vouchers are not available to the public. The only way you can get one is at the discretion of Iowa City Police. Vouchers can be taken to one of the following repair shops: Cermak Automotive, Dodge Street Tire and Auto, Iowa City Tire and Service, Linder Tire Iowa City, Midas Iowa City, Phil's Repair, Skay Automotive, Tuffy Iowa City, Spenler Tire, Spenler Tire East.

The program is funded through the use of forfeiture funds, including money seized from drug busts.


[via KCRG]

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