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If you live in Iowa City and see a pair of men between 5'6" and 5'8" in reflective work vests, authorities say they could fit the description of two people who are posing as workers with the city.

The Iowa City Police Department (ICPD) says the men are pretending to be utility and water workers to gain access to homes, so they can rob residents. One victim was reportedly convinced to leave their home by one of the scammers while discussing water main service which allowed another to enter the home and steal items.

KCRG says two reports have surfaced. One involving two men in reflective vests in a white vehicle, another of a Hispanic man, also in a white vehicle, with out-of-state plates.

These crooks tend to pop up more over the holidays. To make sure they are official, look for workers in vests with the city's logo, that says "City Of Iowa City Water Department" on both sides. The water department will usually also schedule service in advance and notify customers and will not enter homes unless it is absolutely necessary for a claim investigation, construction project, or water activity that is actively causing damage.

They will also be driving official city vehicles with the city of Iowa City logo on the side.

Residents are advised to call the police (319) 356-5275 with information about such incidents, whether they think they may be a victim themselves or are aware of any such activity.

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