The Iowa City Pizza Ranch will be leaving its current location at the Iowa City Marketplace, formerly Sycamore Mall. The Iowa based pizza restaurant will close that location in September.

The owner of the Iowa City location says that they hope to reopen Pizza Ranch at the former location of the now-closed Caliente nightclub off of Highway 1. That location will need extensive remodeling. The new Pizza Ranch location will add an arcade area with over 20 old school style arcade games, as well as two large private rooms for birthday parties and events.

If it sounds like there will be a lot more room at the new Pizza Ranch location, you're right. Their current space is around 5200 square feet. The new building once remodeled will be over 7500 square feet. The Iowa City Marketplace says that they plan on making the soon to be vacant Pizza Ranch location larger by removing a wall. They are currently looking to fill the space with a national brand or a large local business.


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