We’re already obsessed with the latest reality TV star from the Hawkeye State, sight unseen.

One of the most popular television shows right now, is the hit Netflix reality dating competition program ‘Love Is Blind.’

On the program, a bunch of singles are trying to find someone to love, and ultimately marry.

But here’s the catch…

The women and men are separated and put into these little pods where the person they are trying to woo can’t see them.

It’s the ultimate test to determine whether or not love can truly be blind.

There’s someone from the Hawkeye State looking to find out if this is true as well!

One of the newest contestants on the next season of the show is an Eastern Iowa native!

Meet Mackenzie!

Her name is Mackenzie Tenold, and she is originally from Iowa City. She set to be in the latest season of the hit reality tv show. The twenty-five-year-old woman is a makeup artist based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Tenold shared a promo picture on her Instagram on Thursday (January 18th) with a tagline that reads, “I know who I am and I know what I want.”

Will this Iowa City native end up finding the one on this show?

Well, those who are eager to find out will have to wait until season six premieres on Netflix. The setting for this season is North Carolina. 

According to reports, the show is set to return with new episodes on February 14th. 

Watch the full trailer down below! Mackenzie shows up halfway through the video!

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