Quintin Daniels got home from school last Friday at Woodrow Wilson Elementary in Newton and saw smoke and flames in his house. Neither of his parents, Steve and Misty or younger brother, Colton, were home and when he realized no neighbors were home either, he did a very smart thing... he took off for the nearest fire station. The Newton Fire Department tells me the 8-year-old ran six or seven blocks to alert firefighters, who were able to save the home and something just as, if not more, important.

Steve Daniels told the Newton Daily News,

He ran all the way there and probably saved the house by doing that. He definitely saved our dog who was trapped upstairs and the firemen got him out."

Even though the fire started at an electric stove in the kitchen, the house sustained smoke damage throughout. The total damage is estimated around $20,000. Still, I'm guessing the life of the family dog more than makes up for it. Well done, Quintin Daniels. Well done.

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