I remember the freedom of riding a bike when you were a kid. It was your first taste of freedom. My brother and I rode our bikes all over the Jones County countryside, on roads paved and gravel. But we never dreamed of competing at the level that a 7-year-old Iowa boy is.

Asher King is a first-grade student in Carlisle, Iowa. He's 7 years old. And if you think that's young, wait until you find out that he started riding his bike at the track when he was just 3 years old, according to KCCI. His mom, Jamee King, said that he quickly gained skills and dedicated all of his free time to riding his bike. Well, those skills translated into King finishing first at the BMX Race of Champions at the age of just six! Now he has his sights set on the BMX World Championships!

As you can imagine, traveling around the nation competing can get expensive. Ask any parent with a child in a club or travel sport! KCCI reports that family, friends, and fans can Venmo Asher funds to help him reach the World Championships @asherjking2016.

Congratulations on all of your success at a young age, Asher! We can't wait to see you bring home another title, this time at the World Championships!

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