[UPDATE Wed night] Learfield announced the suspension of Gary Dolphin this evening. You can read more HERE.

[ORIGINAL STORY] One of the first rules of broadcasting is to make sure the microphone is off before saying how you really feel. I've never been bitten by an accidental 'live mic' before, but Iowa men's basketball announcers Gary Dolphin and Bobby Hansen were last night.

The comments were in regard to Iowa's play in the first half against ACC foe Pittsburgh. Pitt closed the first half on a run that put them up 46-40. During a halftime commercial break, Dolphin and Hansen discussed how Pitt's freshman guards were outplaying Iowa. They mentioned Maishe Daily by name and also were critical of Iowa's recruiting efforts. All comments they THOUGHT were their own actually went out over the air.

Dolphin apologized during the second half of the game and also after the game as well. He told reporters that they were upset by the play at the point guard position and how they had been out playing Iowa. Dolphin said that sometimes his Irish temper gets the best of him.

Iowa athletic director Gary Barta has requested a copy of the broadcast from Learfield Sports and will further evaluate the situation. Iowa won the game 69-68.


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