As a baker, creating cakes for people's special occasions can be exciting and gratifying. Imagine how it must feel to create one for someone like Sir Elton John! Well, a baker in Des Moines got to do just that.

According to WHO-13, Alisha Woods, who owns Sift N Sprinkle bakery in Des Moines, got the call of a lifetime earlier this month. The Iowa Events Center, where Elton John brought his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour on Saturday, March 26, called Woods to ask if she'd be interested in making a cake for Elton's birthday. It didn't take long for Woods to be all in for the opportunity.

They said, hey Elton John’s birthday is Friday and he’s coming here Saturday. Am I available? I would cancel my wedding for this. I said absolutely," Woods told WHO-13.

With only a few weeks notice, she had to get fast into research mode. She crafted a beautiful cake that started at the bottom with a yellow brick road in honor of the tour. The first layer says "Amazing 75," as requested by the venue for Elton's 75th birthday. It also features a rainbow, piano keys, feathers, sparkles, and multi-colored macaroons. It was a treat to taste and see. Check out the photo of the masterpiece below.

The project took Woods ten hours to create. Although she didn't directly hear how it went over from Sir Elton, she did hear "insiders say it was a hit."

Woods told WHO-13 that for her to be remembered as the person that did your wedding cake or big event cake is special to her. Making a cake for someone she called maybe "the most famous singer on the planet," will be an honor she will never forget.

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