Ingrid Andress received her first three career Grammy Awards nominations in 2020, including a mention in the all-genre Best New Artist category. Her fellow nominees in that category, the singer revealed during an appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, include a performer who's one of her dream duet partners.

"Definitely Megan Thee Stallion," Andress replies, when asked which fellow Best New Artist nominee she is most excited to spend time with at the ceremony. "She does real 'hot girl' stuff and I do real 'sad girl' stuff, so I feel like together, we'd cover the spectrum."

Andress goes on to say she's been so inspired by the singer-songwriter and rapper that she picked up a healthy new habit after watching the music video for "WAP," Megan's collaboration with Cardi B.

"She also inspired me to start doing yoga, because I saw the "WAP" video, and I was like, 'Can everybody do the splits? Because I can't,'" she continues. "So I basically started doing yoga because of her, because I was like, 'That's gonna be me one day.' We're not there yet, but ... yeah. She is dope."

Andress adds to Taste of Country Nights that she listens to quite a bit of rap music: In addition to Megan and Cardi, she's a fan of Drake and Da Baby, in particular.

"As a songwriter, whenever I hear songs, I'm thinking about how I would have written it or whatever, but I cannot rap. So rap is one of the only genres I can listen to without being like, 'Oh, how would I have written that differently?'" she explains. "Every time I put it on, I'm like, 'Yeeees!' And obviously I listen to all genre, but recently, as of the past year and a half, it's been mostly rap."

Not only is Andress a little starstruck by her fellow nominee in the Best New Artist category, she admits that she was pretty flabbergasted by getting nominated for the Grammys at all.

"I was by myself and, like, watering my plants," she recounts of the moment she learned about her nominations. "I basically fell to the ground like a crazy person ... I could not get off the ground, after I found out. It was pretty shocking to me."

In addition to her Best New Artist nomination, Andress is up in the Grammy Awards categories of Best Country Album (for her studio debut, Lady Like) and Best Country Song (for her chart-topping first single "More Hearts Than Mine). During her Late Late Show appearance, the singer offered up a taste of what makes her Grammy-nominated album so special, performing the title track of Lady Like. 

The 2021 Grammy Awards were originally set to be held on Jan. 31 in Los Angeles, Calif.; however, on Tuesday (Jan. 5), news broke that the Recording Academy is postponing the show to March 14. The change in date is a response to concerns about the spread of the novel coronavirus.

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