Think about this for a moment. The measles was completely eradicated from the United States back in the year 2000. Gone. Forever. But thanks to the anti-vaccine movement, they're back and better than ever. There has even been an outbreak in Iowa this year! Now even some people who have already been vaccinated could be at risk.

In recent years, kids get two doses of vaccines beginning at age one. The two doses are a combination of measles, mumps, rubella, and MMR vaccines. If you were born BEFORE 1989, you probably got only one shot. Experts say that may not be enough to fight off the current outbreak. In 1989 the two-dose vaccine was started after a recent outbreak. The shot was so effective that measles was eradicated. So how do you know if you need another vaccine?

If you were born between the years 1963 and 1967, you should get a current MMR vaccine. That is because the vaccine you received was not effective. If you live in an area where there has been a measles outbreak, you might want to talk with your doctor and see what they recommend. Also, talk to parents and make sure their children have been vaccinated.



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