Whether you're shopping at Walmart, Target, Hyvee, Aldi, or any other big box store, you have a pretty good chance of hearing an employee using the intercom. Whether they need a cleanup on aisle 16, letting someone with a red BMW know that they left their lights on, or an employee is looking for further assistance in helping a customer, employees using their intercoms is a pretty common occurrence.

Most of the time when I hear the intercom go off in one of these stores, I pay close to zero attention to it. It might be time I start paying closer attention. If you're in a Walmart and happened to hear a color code over the megastore's intercom, would you have a clue what color meant what code?

Some of these color codes are much more serious than others.

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What Are Walmart's Emergency Color Codes?

According to Common Cents Mom, Walmarts have 4 different types of codes. They are in the form of colors, numbers, letters, and code words. Generally, you won't have to worry about the number codes or the letter codes. They're meant for the employees and shouldn't affect your shopping experience at all.

If you hear color codes or these two code words...this will definitely affect your shopping experience.

Code Colors

  • Code White- An accident, injury, or another type of incident has happened within the store
  • Code Red - There is some type of fire in the store. You might not necessarily need to immediately leave...I'm just saying I wouldn't want to risk it.
  • Code Orange - A chemical spill has either happened inside or outside of the store.

These next 3 color codes mean it's time to leave the store, if possible, as quickly as you can.

  • Code Brown - There is an active shooter on the premises. Head to the nearest exit, if you can, and leave the store. If you are not near an exit, follow employee instructions and remain calm.
  • Code Green - There is an active hostage situation. If you can safely call the police and request help, please do so. Remain calm and find a safe place in the store.
  • Code Blue - There is a potential bomb threat happening inside the store.

The last 3 are the big ones you should familiarize yourself with. All of those situations can be pretty terrifying and it's best to know what to do if you ever find yourself in one of those situations.

Code Words

These 2 select code words might not be as serious but you can potentially help in one of these situations and the other code word will affect you when you're trying to check out.

  • Code Spark - The registers are overwhelmed and need all hands on deck. Employees from all departments are expected to help operate registers, bag items, and help with return carts.

If you're a shopper and you hear this, you might as well take your time and look around. It might be a while before you can potentially check out.

  • Code Adam - There is a reported missing child in the store. Employees monitor each entrance and the entire store. The code is lifted when the child is found.

If a shopper hears this code and believes they have found the missing child, find an employee.

All of these codes are from Common Cents Mom and it wouldn't be a bad idea to make sure you're at least aware of what each code means. It could potentially save your life, your family's lives, or other shoppers' lives.

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