As the calendar prepares to turn from October to November, our weather is about to take a turn this weekend too. Something about Halloween signals Mother Nature to mix things up a bit. Many parts of Eastern Iowa will see the first hard freeze of the year this weekend, and parts of the state could even see some snow! Say it ain't so!

Our mild October temperatures that we've enjoyed this week are about to come to an end. The National Weather Service reports that a cold front will move into the area today bringing another chance of showers and thunderstorms to Eastern Iowa. That will drop our temperatures tonight to below-freezing. The NWS has issued a Freeze Warning for most of Eastern Iowa, Northwest Illinois, and Northeast Missouri. The freeze warning is in effect from 1 a.m. to 8 a.m. on Saturday, October 28th. Lows tonight will dip into the upper 20's.

via NOAA
via NOAA

While most of us are probably OK with a hard freeze, many of us are a bit nervous about the above map. NOAA's winter precipitation outlook for this weekend shows a reasonable chance for some light snow across portions of Northwest, Northcentral, and Southwest Iowa. Precipitation amounts are expected to be less than an inch in most areas. So what about our snow chances here in Eastern Iowa?

Our weather partners over at KCRG report in their latest forecast that we could see a few flakes this weekend with another chance on Halloween. It looks like winter coats over costumes this year, kids! But don't expect the white stuff to stick around long. Highs will be back in the mid-50s by next weekend!

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