They named her Hope. Her story is heart-wrenching.

Last Saturday, September 26 a dog was taken to the Cedar Bend Humane Society in Waterloo after being picked up following a call to Black Hawk Animal Control. The dog was literally starving to death. A shepherd-mix that was estimated to be one-year-old, the dog weighed just under 19 pounds.

Cedar Bend Humane Society, Facebook

According to the Cedar Bend Humane Society Facebook page, the dog couldn't stand, wag its tail, or even lift its head when it arrived. It could barely open its mouth. After doing their best to improve the dog's condition and naming her Hope, Cedar Bend decided to transport her to the Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Clinic in Cedar Rapids.

When Hope arrived at the Cedar Rapids Clinic yesterday, she was taken to intensive care. Unfortunately, she passed away before she was able to receive any treatment.

An autopsy will be done, at the request of the Cedar Bend Humane Society. Black Hawk Animal Control Director Sandie Greco told the Courier,

The investigation is ongoing. There is a lot we have to do to go forward to make a case, and we are making the case right now.

The tears well in my eyes as I write this as anger rages in my heart. How could anyone let this happen? If you have information about Hope or her owner, please call Black Hawk Animal Control at 319-883-0797. This was inhumane. This was unacceptable.

Cedar Bend Humane Society
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