How would you like your Egg McMuffin or McGriddle in the morning delivered right to your office? McDonald's is testing out breakfast catering at restaurants in the Orlando area. If it's a success, the golden arches just might be catering your next office meeting!

The breakfast food catering began it's test run in Central-Florida yesterday. McDonald's offers their entire breakfast menu for delivery. You can order a package that will serve 6, 12 or up to 18 people. The catering for breakfast is only available during normal breakfast hours. The deliveries are then made using the Uber Eats app or the McDelivery app. Delivery fees average around $3.50 per order. Customers can also make their order right in the restaurant, or call it in and pick it up.

If you're wondering if this test happening in Florida will somehow make it's way to Iowa, you might be in luck! Florida was the home to fresh beef quarter pounders and signature crafted sandwiches and burgers. Both are now featured at McDonald's nationwide.



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