School is nearly out. Temperatures are approaching 90. Yes, summer is nearly upon us. And as you get ready to deal with the warmer temperatures and the kiddos on summer vacation, don't forget your four-legged kids too! Summer can be a dangerous time for pets so it's important to remember some simple safety tips. Here are a few courtesy of the Cedar Rapids Police Department and CR Animal Control.

  • Never Leave Your Pet In The Car - It's always fun to take your pet with you in the car when the weather gets nice. Just don't leave them there. Temperatures inside of a vehicle during warm weather can reach 120 degrees in a matter of minutes. Plus, our pets don't sweat like we do. Pets that are left in hot cars too long can suffer heat exhaustion, heat stroke, brain damage, and even death. It's simple. Don't leave them in the car.
  • Be Careful When Exercising - Yes, your pets need their exercise even when it's hot, but be careful. Shorten the length of your walk and have water ready at all times. Pets with light-colored noses and hair are also more susceptible to sunburn.
  • Watch Out For Fertilizers and Plants - We all want our yards to look great, but some of those compounds we put down on the grass can be harmful to our pets. Plant food and fertilizers can be fatal if your pet eats enough of them. Read the label and follow directions and precautions carefully!
  • Get Your Pet ID'd - Make sure your pet is always wearing a colar and identification tag. If you ever get seperated, it could be their ticket back home. Microchipping your pet is also an affordable option are around $25 per pet.
  • Heartworm and Fleas and Ticks - Heartworms, which are transmitted by mosquitos, can be fatal in cats and dogs. Check with your vet to see if your pet should be taking medication. Another threat during summertime is fleas and ticks. Check with your vet for the best options for your pet. Some over the counter medications can be harmful even if you follow directions.
  • Watch the Patio - While we enjoy grilling and sitting out on the patio, remember the threats to our pets. Keep things like lighter fluid, citronella candles and matches away from your furry friends. If eaten they can cause damage to the lungs and central nervous system.

Get outdoors and enjoy time with your pets this summer! Just remember to do it safely!

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