Halloween is officially over. Now comes the time of year dentists fear most. Just how much of that candy are your kids going to eat? We let our kids have free reign over their candy for a while, but then we step in and say enough is enough. So what can you do with all that extra candy? Donate it to our troops.

There are a couple of national charitable organizations that are accepting candy donations for our troops. One is Soldiers Angels Treats for Troops. They partner with local businesses who accept donations of candy. Many are dentists offices, but there are plenty more that are not. To find out if there is a donation site near you, just type in your zip code on their website. I did this morning, and there is one location in the corridor accepting donations. Farmers State Bank on 8th Avenue in Marion will be accepting donations of candy through November 6th. There is a short form you'll need to fill out if you want to donate too.

Another way to donate is through Operation Gratitude. They also have an annual drive to collect candy for our troops. Just head to their website and type in your zip code to find a donation center near you. The one I found today is right here in Cedar Rapids. The Cedar Rapids Smile Center on 3rd Avenue will be accepting candy donations There is a form to fill out and some other guidelines that need to be followed when donating. All that information is on their website.

No matter how you choose to donate, consider giving up that extra candy and sending it to our troops. They deserve a treat too!

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