Have you ever paid for someone's coffee while in line at Starbucks? How about given someone flowers out of the blue or paid for a strangers groceries? These simple gestures are called random acts of kindness. This week is Random Acts of Kindness Week. How often do you do something nice, randomly, for someone else? A new survey found that 83% of us do it every week, and 65% of us do it every day! Why do we do it? Some site religious beliefs or karma. But most of us do it because it makes us feel good! What are the most common random acts of kindness?

  1. Leaving a large tip for your waiter.
  2. Paying for the person behind you when getting coffee.
  3. Hugging a friend when they don't expect it.
  4. Taking flowers to a random person.
  5. Giving a gift to a random person.

So whether it's one of the ways listed above or something else, get out and do something nice for someone today! Your goal should be to make random  acts of kindness, less random.