Love doesn't have a price tag on it. But Valentine's Day sure does. You can call it a manufactured Hallmark holiday if you want to, but I've always approached Valentine's Days as another day to show love and appreciation to that special someone in your life. Plus, my wife Holly is a florist, so this week is a tough one for her. She deserves something that tells her I appreciate her.

A new survey has found that people this year aren't planning to break the bank when it comes to Valentine's Day spending. And that is a good thing in my opinion. You don't have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to tell someone you love them. The survey found that the average person will spend around $34 this year on Valentine's Day. That adds up quick. A card and some nice flowers will get you there in a hurry. 41% of people say they don't plan on spending ANY money this year. Are these single people? Or perhaps you and your significant other agree NOT to buy anything for each other. Either way, I don't see a problem with it. Just as long as your partner knows you're not spending a dime!

Holly and I do exchange gifts on Valentine's Day. We don't break the bank by any means. She usually gets me some of my favorite cologne and I get her some nice flowers. Yes, florists like getting flowers too, but I rarely get her roses. Too cliched. Maybe a nice spring-like bouquet. No matter how much you spend or don't spend, don't let Valentine's Day scare you. It's just another day that you should be saying 'I love you.'


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