They say that money can't buy happiness, but it can definitely help! When you don't have to constantly worry about your finances, a huge amount of stress is lifted off your shoulders.

A new article from GOBankingRates used data from a 2018 Purdue University study to figure out the salary you need to make to be "happy" in each state. According to this study, living in Iowa is a GOOD thing! The article states:

"Residents of Southern and Midwestern states may have a better shot at happiness, as they are spending less on annual expenditures than other parts of the country."

Iowa was number 14 on the list, which means we are one of the states with the lowest salary needed in order to be happy. The study states that Iowans need to make $96,495 a year. It also says that the salary you need for "life evaluation" is $87,305, and the salary you need for "emotional well-being" is between $55,140 and $68,925.

The only state with a salary under $90,000 was Mississippi with $89,040. On the other hand, the most expensive state is Hawaii, where you need to make around $201,390 to be happy. Yikes!

You can check out more results from the study HERE.

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