We are just coming off the Christmas holiday. A lot of money was spent. Bills are going to be coming in showing us just exactly how MUCH we spent. But we all know, it doesn't take a holiday for us to part with our hard-earned cash--by our choice or by necessity.

Recently, Thrillist put together a list of each state and how much they spend, per capita, each year. The expenditures factored into their statistics included: housing and utilities, health care, off-premises food and beverages, gas and energy costs and "all other personal consumption expenditures".

They found, not surprisingly, the East Coast states spend the most, particularly the New England region. Hawaii ($45,123), New York ($46,906), Vermont ($47,648), North Dakota ($48,225) Connecticut ($48,497), New Hampshire ($48,810), New Jersey ($48,972) and Massachusetts ($51,981) all cracked the Top 10, with Washington D.C. coming in at #1!

How did the Midwest fare? Let's check it out.

  • North Dakota: As you saw they were in the Top 10 nationally at $48,225, also making them the biggest Midwest spenders
  • Minnesota: $43,900
  • Illinois: $41,800
  • South Dakota: $39,500
  • Michigan: $39,300
  • Nebraska: $39,000
  • Wisconsin: $38,800
  • Missouri: $37,500
  • Kansas: $36,000
  • Indiana: $35,600

Somewhere toward the lower end is us. Here in Iowa, we put $37,000 of our annual income per capita back out each year. The lowest-spending state nationally turns out to be Mississippi, at just over $30K.

Does 37-grand sound about right to you? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments.



[Via Thrillist]

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