I'm not pleased with our ranking, to be honest.

The website Thrillist recently ranked all 50 states based on how fun they are to get fat in, and Iowa did not do as well as I had hoped. Basically, the list is a look at which states have some of the best unhealthy foods in the country, but it's also based on other factors, like the weather and culture.

The first place spot went to our neighbors to the north, Wisconsin, but I think they probably deserve it. I mean, I'm pretty sure the entire state is built on a giant wheel of cheese, and I can't argue with that. Only two other Midwest states made the top 10, with Illinois coming in 6th, and my home state of Michigan coming in 10th. Iowa wasn't even CLOSE, coming in at #35. Here's what Thrillist had to say about us:

"There's definitely something soul-satisfying about a hubcap-sized slab of fried pork tenderloin spilling over a comically inadequately sized bun. (What gives guys? Bigger buns! There are good carbs to be added in there.) Look, when you're the biggest pork-producing state in the nation and no one else is even close, you're gonna know your way around fatness. La Quercia makes possibly the best prosciutto and other Italian pork treats you'll find outside Italy. Buy yourself a pack. Eat it all. No one will notice!"

Excuse me, but 35?  Have you NEVER heard of the Iowa State Fair?! I'm pretty positive I gained 10 pounds at last year's event, and I had a VERY fun time doing it!


Among the funnel cakes and elephant ears (pictured above), there are a hundred other bacon-wrapped, deep-fried, sugar-coated food options for you to try. Plus, you can literally buy cookies by the BUCKET. I mean, come ON. Just look at some of these photos I found on Instagram!

Check out where the rest of the states ranked HERE.

[Via Thrillist]

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