Ever wonder what a water tornado looks like from a bird's eye view? Well now you do! This video appears to be from a couple of years ago and somehow we completely missed it. But, it's still so crazy to watch! This video was apparently taken from an airplane and shows a full-on waterspout in Council Bluffs, Iowa, according to the Iowa Chill Facebook post.

I can't imagine looking out of an airplane window and seeing THIS!? I'd want to be as far away from that thing as possible. But, it is pretty cool to see from the safety of an internet device.

When people actually saw this first-hand is a bit unclear. It appears that there is some confusion as to when this happened just by looking at some of the comments...

But hey, at least we know it happened. Who knows, with this weather warming up we could start seeing some actual tornadoes or maybe even some more waterspouts like this one pop up!

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