Two historic houses in Marion that were constructed in the 1800s will soon be moved and be part of a new 19 unit apartment complex. Joe Hill, a Cedar Rapids native who now resides in California, is moving the houses off of city-owned property and turning them into bookends for the new duplexes.

The new complex will be named Carriage Corner after the 1840s carriage house at 4th ave and 9th street in Marion. That's where the other two houses will be transferred to. They currently sit at 525 11th street and 520 12th street in Marion.

Hill says that moving the homes helps the city of Marion, preserves it's history and provides housing options too. He began working with the Marion City Council back in January to take possession of the houses, with the promise he move them off of city property.

Hill estimates that the entire project will cost around $1.5 million. It costs around $100,000 to move each house. Once the homes are moved, he says construction should take about 1 year He hopes to have units available by spring of 2021.


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