After first being discussed a generation ago, the Highway 100 extension is complete and will open to traffic Wednesday afternoon, December 12. The road, which was first brought up as a bypass around the city's west side some 50 years ago, has been under construction for the last five years.

CBS 2 reports the remaining four miles of the extension will open to vehicular traffic at approximately 4 p.m. Wednesday. You'll now be able to take Highway 100 all the way from Highway 13 to Highway 30. The number of minutes it will cut from countless commutes will be appreciated by a whole lot of people.

This section of the Highway 100 extension will open nearly two years to the day after the first four miles of the road, which connected Edgewood Road to Covington Road. It opened on December 15, 2016.

The new road is expected to also result in more economic and residential development. Already, plans have been approved for a 54-acre mixed-use development that will sit just to the west of Edgewood Road between Highway 100 and Blairs Ferry Road.

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