High Valley are nothing if not well-connected. The sibling country duo have one song written by Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard and another about and approved by a Country Hall of Famer on the their new Grew Up On That EP. And then there's that song Carrie Underwood's husband Mike Fisher was caught singing in his truck.

Fisher can be found singing the title track in a video shared in mid-May on the High Valley Instagram page. The former NHL player is friends with Brad and Curtis Rempel to the point that they occasionally attend Nashville Predators games together. Recently Brad was at a game with the Fisher family and 5-year-old Isaiah wanted some ice cream, so the country singer took him to the concession stand with his kids.

"So my wife and I took him to get some,” Rempel tells Taste of Country Nights hosts Evan and Amber. “He was singing, and I said, ‘Man, do you love singing?’ And he said ‘Yeah,’ and I said, ‘Who sings to you at home? Like who’s a really good singer in your family."

"He’s like, ‘My daddy.'"

Yep, little man glanced right over his Grammy-winning mom to the pro hockey player. Although maybe Isaiah is right? Talent is subjective, right?

High Valley released their six-song Grew Up On That EP on May 8. It includes "Your Mama," a song Hubbard co-wrote for Florida Georgia Line but never released because his wife had a baby girl, instead of a baby boy like they expected. There's also the personal "One Day You'll Get It," which finds a father giving his son the talk and good advice. Both Rempel brothers are fathers, so the song is an easy fit.

So too is the Ricky Skaggs mention in the opener, "Grew Up On That." High Valley grew up Mennonite without television in La Crete, Alberta, Canada, but they had a record player and burned a needle through Ricky Skaggs records. Since moving to Nashville they've befriended the Country Hall of Famer (in fact, he's currently fixing Curtis Rempel's mandolin), so name-checking him felt natural. Upon hearing the song, Skaggs sent Brad a text that he read for the radio duo.

"I love that song even if you hadn't mentioned my name," Skaggs says (per Brad Rempel). "I appreciate you guys. You've always been so nice and kind-hearted toward me, but I think you're that way with everybody. Will be glad to see you all again. Tell your family hello. I'm cleaning out my garage, my basement, my closets, my computer room -- dang son! I'm getting it all out of here. Finding some cool old stuff. Say hello to Curtis. Great video and song. Love the song about your sweet little mom as well. So great. Love, Ricky."

Skaggs was part of the original version of "Make You Mine" as well, but the version released in the United States did not feature him as a vocalist. The Top 20 hit was followed by the Top 10 "She's With Me" in 2017.

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