Runaway June's Jennifer Wayne and High Valley's Brad Rempel are tag-teaming a new renovation show called Flip U. The country singers will serve as hosts and coaches during the series, helping house-flipping hopefuls in Nashville turn money pits into pots of gold.

Airing on Design Network, Flip U — short for Flip University — promises to be a lesson in flipping houses as well as a celebration of the city of Nashville and country music. The show is expected to premiere Spring 2023 on streaming services like Samsung TV+, Roku, Amazon, Pluto and Sling.

"We have our own TV show," Wayne shares on Instagram. "Brad from @highvalleyofficial and I met over music and bonded over real estate and now we are co-hosting the newest show on @thedesignnetwork FLIP U! Cannot wait to share this show with y’all and highlight some rockstar flippers in Nashville!"

Rempel posted the same photo to social media, echoing Wayne's excitement. He admits that he wasn't a kid who was raised on television — in fact, his family didn't even own one!

"Grew up without a TV and now I have my own TV show," he shares. "Excited to finally announce that @JenniferWayne of @RunawayJune and I are launching #FlipU on @thedesignnetwork."

Wayne and Rempel have become good friends over the years. Outside of their musical endeavors, the two share a passion for real estate and often give tips and tricks to one another.

“Brad and I would always run into each other at shows, and we’d always end up talking backstage about real estate," Wayne reveals in a statement. "We’ve given each other a few tips throughout the years, and we can’t wait to share them now with our viewers!”

Adds Rempel, “When Jen and I run into each other on the road or in the studio, we always trade house flipping stories. We are so excited to share what we’ve learned over the years and pass it on to all the students of Flip University."

An exact premiere date has not been declared.

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