Country stars explore their surroundings in the latest batch of new music videos. One artist finds himself exploring through downtown Chicago, while another group romps through the outskirts of Nashville. Others take a dreamier approach, establishing a visually surreal, layered landscape or even -- in one instance -- building a connection to heaven. Read on to watch them all!

High Valley, “Single Man”:

Country music duo High Valley, comprised of twin brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel, released an official music video for new single "Single Man"--and it's the type of video you won't forget. Sean Hagwell directed the clip, which was shot right outside of Nashville, and his vision for the video's direction was incredibly unique.

“I wish we could take credit for the treatment of this video, but we can’t! Thanks to Sean for a cool storyline that really complements the song,” Brad says in a press release. “The moment we saw it, we were pumped for people to see this unique take on the meaning of ‘Single Man’ – and we’re excited for more fans to listen as it goes to radio today!” Watch the video below, and let us know what you think in the comments. -- CV

Dustin Lynch, "Ridin' Roads":

Dustin Lynch takes a dreamy, visually surreal approach to the music video for his latest song, "Ridin' Roads," layering images of driving through the countryside over silhouettes of himself singing and taking a drive down a background with his date riding shotgun. Mason Dixon directed the clip, which was shot in the Florida Everglades.

"We decided to treat this video with textures and overlays -- imposing images to add another dimension to the storyline while creating a new palette that we'll continue to paint from with new music coming soon," Lynch explains in a press release, teasing that this music video isn't the last fans will see of the visual theme. -- CL

Russell Dickerson, "Every Little Thing":

Russell Dickerson's music video for “Every Little Thing” was filmed in Chicago and directed by Benjamin Skipworth. The video begins with Dickerson right before he walks onstage, but it's more than just a live performance video. It features footage of Dickerson and his wife, Kailey exploring the Windy City's Chinatown neighborhood, from walking the streets to goofing off in a small convenience store. A bulk of the singer's energetic live show in Chicago is shown toward the second half of the video--along with some pre-show drinking.

Dickerson's energy and charisma will be on display this summer as he supports Thomas Rhett's 2019 Very Hot Summer Tour. It kicks off May 17, in Spokane, Wash. --CV

Granger Smith, "Heaven Bound Balloons":

Granger Smith's family and friends join him in the music video for his new song, "Heaven Bound Balloons." The video opens with Smith's two oldest children writing messages on balloons that will be released into the atmosphere, hoping to make it all the way to the streets of gold where their grandfather, Smith's father resides since his passing a few years ago.

"I wrote this about something close to me but I also tried my best to let it connect to you and YOUR story- and I’ve heard so many of them over the years. This song/vid hits me hard." Smith wrote on Twitter. The end of the video finds Smith surrounded by band members, his wife, grandmother and many others as they release their "Heaven Bound Balloons." -- LS

Sam Grow, "Boots":

Sam Grow pays tribute to all those who serve our country and "lace up" every day - from members of the military, law enforcement and firefighters to blue collar workers across America - in the music video for his song "Boots." Grow's own father was a lineman who passed away in 2018 on Sept. 11, and Grow says that he laced up every day, even to mow their lawn. The video captures glimpses of work boots from mechanic garages to cattle ranches, ending with a soldier at attention and an image of Grow's late father. -- LS

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