High Valley's Curtis Rempel is about to be a father of three! The singer shared the good news on Friday (Sept. 6) via the band's Twitter, along with a video of his wife and two children popping a balloon to reveal the new baby's gender.

In the video, Rempel's wife Myranda holds the balloon while the couple's oldest son, Ben, does the honors of revealing the color of the confetti inside. "Ready, Ben? Ready to see what it is? What do you think it is?" Myranda asks. "A girl," Ben replies.

Sure enough, when the balloon burst open, pink confetti exploded from inside, much to big brother Ben's delight. "That's happy for me ... because I don't wanna share a room," he says in the video.

In addition to Ben, the couple are already parents to 2-year-old Millie June, who was born in April of 2017. Rempel and his wife chose not to learn the sex of their daughter before her birth, though they had names picked out for both genders. This time, however, the family knows the new baby's sex well in advance of her birth.

"And then there were five," Rempel wrote on Twitter, as a caption to the sweet announcement.

The new addition to Rempel's family adds even greater weight to the message behind the duo's latest song, "Single Man," which weighs the pros and cons of being single versus being in a loving relationship -- and ultimately decides on the latter. In May of 2019, the duo explained to The Boot that the song came from the very real predicament they often find themselves in of having to leave behind their wives and families in order to have a touring career.

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