I'm not sure I'll need to twist your arm too hard to get you to follow THIS advice, especially here in Iowa. According to a new study published in the Irish Sun, DRINKING BEER can almost double a man's chances of living until at least age 90. Oh, and it increases women's chances by about one-third, too so bottoms up, ladies.

The "science" behind the study

You don't have to actually drink Iowa's official state beer, Busch Light, to get the most out of the positive health aspects either though, I'm sure it won't hurt. But to be clear, most any beer will do. The study found that the best results come from drinking about eight ounces of beer a day. Yes, that's four ounces less than a standard can or bottle. But never fear, even if you happen to put down a bit more than that like two or three full beers you're still more likely to make it to age 90 than people who don't drink.

The researchers say it's just more proof that alcohol in moderation is good for your heart. The study is actually pretty vague on why the hooch increases your longevity, but hey, who cares? Science is science, right? The study simply references researchers tracking people in Holland who lived longer and drank. Look, I'm reading this as, drink a beer and you'll be around longer.

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Oh, but as always: please drink in moderation! You don't have to get hammered nightly to reap the benefits. In fact, you probably shouldn't get hammered at all to get the most from the positive effects.

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